Monday, August 30, 2010

-Take Forty Four-Over used words and phrases.

Today,I was thinking that how certain words and phrases have been overly used by all of us,over the years and some of them still have their charm,whereas others are just like,extinct now.

For example,remember how,as kids whenever we got into a fight or an argument we used to say 'Jo kehta hey woe hota hey'?OMG that was like THE COMEBACK of the century.And if you've been said 'Jo kehta hey woe hota hey' to your face then you better go and hide yourself in a cave.Or burry your head in sand,like an Ostrich.

Then I remember,when we grew up a little and we became a little modern and started using more modern day phrases and words like 'Tum toh Pagal ho!'.Telling someone that your a 'Pagal' was considered an A one insult.And now,we say 'Pagal' to everyone,not really as an isult,more like as a congratulatory word.

Then came those days when PowerPuff Girls were in they used to say 'You suck!' and we adopted that too.'Get out' or 'Go to Hell' came a little later.I remember that whenever somebody said the word 'Hell' back in my 4th Grade days,we used to be soo astonished and formed the badest of opnions about the person using the word 'Hell'.All day long we could only think about how bad and terrible that person is for using such a cursed word.We used to talk about it for weeks!

Then came the high school days when we couldn't get enough of lip gloss's and kajals and crushing on Pop Stars.And saying 'like seriously' after every word,and I mean EVERY WORD,was the in thing.'Get real' was another commonly used phrase.'Take a hike' too.The came the trend of saying 'oh shit!' after doing a wrong math sum,after waking up and realizing your'e late for school,reaching school and realizing that you've forgotten your Chemistry text book at home etc etc.

Point is,with time, certain words and phrases cannot be used by us without making us look really embarrassed.Imagine that if one of our Teachers is scolding us for not submitting the assignment on time and then calling us lazy and what do we say in return?Miss jo kehta hey woe hota hey!!


amenaay said...

lol it'll be a classic scene when someone says "jo kehta hai woi hota hai" to a teacher :p

-Yumna S Hayat said...

hahah yes!And imagine the look on your teachers face when u say this!PRICELESS

Anonymous said...

n u forget abt oh man!by doora, my kids r still in these stages of using phrases, we might got over them but these r new to them.

Anonymous said...

its aisha baji ...n u surely knw my kids