Sunday, September 5, 2010

-Take forty five-Eid Shopping.

I've been staying over at my sister's place for like 2 days now.I came friday afternoon,then on Staurday we went to Gulf for shopping.Now personally,I don't like shopping.I HATE IT.It is just so annoying,roaming here and there,getting your foot stepped on by so many other people.So,basically,I save money and then make a mental list of all the things I want to buy and then one day,I go out in the wild (not literally) and shop.
I had made my dress for eid,in july,I always want to be prepared before hand.I hadn't bought any shoes,I had no jewelry,no shoes,no bangles.I felt incomplete.Now the sisters,who's place Im staying over,is OBSESSED WITH SHOPPING.She loves it like anything,so she told me that when I'd come over she'll take me.So off we went to Gulf,after 12:30. I half dreaded the fact that when we'll go everything will be closed,and our coming here would be a complete waste of time.

Anyway,so we bought bangles,and earings and rings,and shoes and I was really happy that i was getting everything I wanted!I WAS SO HAPPY.Then,my sister was making her daughters try on some shoes,while I just stood there,awkwardly looking at people.I had nothing to do.I noticed this girl,clad in a bhurka and she was holding hands of this ajeeb sa looking guy and OMG they were creating such a scene,acting all lovey dovey in such a private place.The girl was literally dragging the boy with him and the boy...well,he just let himself be dragged.The girl was holding a few registers and I just assumed that maybe both of them were in the same class or something and maybe they got off early today so the girl decided to make the guy go bankrupt.

I was still looking at them,noticing what they were doing,what they were buying.My sister was STILL making her daughters try on shoes.I noticed how the guy was trying to convince his lady love to try on some bangles and the girl was like 'yey achi ni' and I was like,Uhhh...

I told my sister about them and she was like where?who are u talking about?I was like baji!there!Can't u see?My sister was like maybe they are married,how do u know that they are not?I said,how do u know that they are?Kheir,they went away.And we continued shopping.

Then we came across this shop which HAD AMAZING CLOTHES and needless to say I fell in love with this beautiful dress.It was for 2200 rs.Then we went away,still shopping but I couldn't forget the dress.I wanted it.I told my sister,I had enough money to buy it so lets go and buy it.She agreed.We reached there,I,very conifdently made the shopkeeper show me 8-10 other dresses like that and finally settled on the one he had shown me sub sey pehlay.I told him to pack it,he did that.And I opened my bag and OMG I just had 1800 rs and I WAS LIKE WHAT THE?!?The dress was for 2200 and I was short of money.But my sister came to my rescue,and we bought the dress,thus saved from all potentional embarrassment.

So what did I learn from all this?I learnt that before u say,'haan bhai,yey wala dey dein' be sure to count your money BEFORE that.Not AFTER it.

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Anonymous said...

hhahahah right said Fred CHUUUU we had amazing time ,i although set my heart on that dress as well as soooooooooooooo many other things as u have mention me as SHOPACHOLIC i agree i am ....amee zoomey 11 chuuu
.............ur sis AISHA