Thursday, September 16, 2010

-Take forty six-Please don't kill me while I go down the stairs.

One of the most exciting moments ( depends, really how you look at it, for some it is exciting, for some it is horrific, for some it is just…well,they really don’t care,so moving on…) of my entire day at college is when the bell for the last period goes off. Oh.My.God. Girls,from every imaginable corner emerge,shouting on the top of their lungs, chasing each other,running,screaming,throwing empty water bottles at each other,while the teachers who are also walking with us, tsk-tsk us all the way to the gate.

We get off at 2:00 PM Sharp. And we have like 3 floors in our college,WHICH ARE HUGEEEEEEEEEEE FLOORS.With winding stair cases and never ending corridors. Since, I belong to the Arts faculty,all our classes are on the top floor,with the exception of Psychology which is on the 2nd floor, but our last period is ALWAYS on the top floor,so what does that mean? You start walking and try not to get run over by other people who are also walking and you pray silently that you don’t trip over the steps of the stairs and you hope to reach the college gate in one piece with all your books and bags intact.. It is no less than an adventure.

My friends and I, like to travel together-whenever and wherever possible. So, when the last bell rings, all of us like a pack of wolves (really decent wolves) take the stairs together. We start together,but I don’t remember if there was ever a time,when all of us friends made it till the last floor together. We usually get separated somewhere amidst the shouting,and pushing and shoving and everything else in between.

Just today, my friend and I were walking together,going down the stairs and we were talking, and suddenly I remembered something I had to tell her and on impulse I was about to hit her on her arm when I realized that my friend had been replaced by some teacher of the Science faculty.I had no idea where she came from,she was there and my friend wasn’t.

On the ground floor,we have this HUGE,WIDE stair case,that leads up to the floors above.In the morning and in the afternoon,everytime we have to climb those stairs,it seems like either we are going to make it to the headlines in a newspaper ‘GIRLS IN COLLEGE, AFTER BEING PUSHED DOWN THE STAIRS AND THEN BEING WALKED UPON TO THEIR DEATH’ All the girls are like ‘JALDI KERO-CHALO B NA!’ ‘ KIA DAIKH RI HO?KISKA INTEYZAR HEY?OYE HOYE HOYE’I want to punch them in the face. And they are some who walk so SLOW.I want to punch them in the face too.

The only good thing about the stair cases being so over crowded and the girls being sooo rowdy is that sometimes,you just have to stand,you don’t have to walk,you just stand at one place and you are pushed and pulled so hard,from the back,from the left,from the right,that before you know it,you are at the gate.Thankyou,girls.


Anonymous said...

i wudnt mind falling in b/w all those girls...=P


the "thank you girls" at the end was pretty rude and awesome...=P

if u find a teacher instead of your frnd then take that opportunity and send the teacher flying (if you hate em that is =P)

-Yumna S Hayat said...

OMG 'Jay' :p (LOL)'I wouldn't mind falling in between all those girls'-Cheeeeeeeky,very slick bro :p