Saturday, September 18, 2010

-Take Forty Seven-Stop it.Really,it's not amusing.

I find it not at all amusing when I see other people esp Pakistani’s making a joke out of everything.Why am I saying this?Just yesterday,I saw Mr.Altaf Hussain really,really sad over his friends ( and a very important member of his political party) death. Okay,the way he was going on about it,did seem a little dramatic and he couldv’e behaved in a more subtle manner,but there is no need of making up weird jokes and sms’s about his behavior.Did it ever occur to you,that he maybe he really DID feel sad?Maybe he really WAS that heart broken? No. I’m sick of people ridiculing Meera for her English. Leave her alone for Gods sake! What has she done to you?No,really?What has she ever done to you?She is her own person;you are your own. Since when do you judge people on how well they speak English? Of course,there are her innumerous scandals and all, but I just don’t understand why everyone has to make and poke so much fun at her? Isn’t she a Human being too?Or are you all too farigh to notice that you have a life,try to do something with it,rather than just going on about her English or whatever.

Meera is just one of many examples,I’m sure there are other more examples too.All of you seem to be missing one important fact: They are Pakistanis too. You being a Pakistani won’t respect them,people living out of Pakistan won’t either.

And then all of us talk endlessly about how Pakistan has such a bad image abroad.Riiight.So,shut up and stop ridiculing every other person you come across.


Anonymous said...

well a really nice post...altaf hussain really did look sad over the death of his friend...we shud respect that...

as for meera , wo khappay hee khappay

-Yumna S Hayat said...

LOL I just read this. I'm glad someone else agrees with me too :)