Monday, September 27, 2010

-Take forty nine- Stop and care.

I just came across this group on fb which said ‘ You get hurt the minute you start to care’ and I was like wth, man? If caring was so bad, nobody would actually be doing it then ,now,would they? I wonder why people always potray positive things in such a bad manner. Like I came around this line ( maybe again on fb since most of the things I come across, are from there) too that ‘ I stopped caring because you don’t appreciate it’ Okay.Fine. I admit it feels really bad when you care for someone and they couldn’t really give a damn about it. But why should it stop YOU from being a nice person?

I guess,we never really stop being a nice person. We do care. Always and forever. Sometimes,we show it a lot, it doesn’t get appreciated and then we stop, but we don’t really stop. What I mean is, that even if someone is really bad and mean to us, and hurts us and KEEPS on hurting us from time to time (lol) we don’t stop. We do say ‘enough,already!I’ve had it with you’ or ‘just get lost and don’t bother talking to me again’ but that’s not really it. We do stop talking to that person. We do get lost or make the other person lost (really,depends on who’s fault is it and accordingly you decide who has to get lost) but face it: There is always some feeling behind the words ‘I don’t care’
Mostly it’s love, but it doesn’t always have to be love.

Hate is a pretty intense feeling too.
I love my contradictory posts.

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