Thursday, October 14, 2010

-Take Fifty One- Crazy Commercials.

If you watch lots of tv, you know how annoying they can get. But I was wondering, how annoying these advertisements are in themselves! Like how they just seem to go on and on and on about their products. Well, okay the prime purpose for these Ads is to go on and on about the products they are showcasing, but who writes the story lines for them? With the exception of a few,most Ads appear senseless and they leave you thinking- ‘Hey, would someone tell me what was that about?’ Or ‘Okay. Am I crazy or did this ad did not make any sense at all? ‘ following are a few ads which I find downright funny and totally ridiculous.

Who remembers that Ad about cigarettes, where a couple of hikers, go through a really treacherous path and face lots of difficulties and FINALLY reach the top of the mountain. I thought, after almost risking their lives, they would celebrate that they have reached their destination, but not really. Instead, one of them guys, pulls out a pack of ciggs and is like ‘Dudes,lets smoke!’. I mean,this isn’t exactly what he says duh. If someone re-calls this add please do comment telling me what brand of cigs it was.

Okay. This one is really popular. Fair and Lovely. In this ad there’s this ‘kaali c larki’ who’s Mother is a make up artist. She is apparently not very old, but the Actress whos make up she’s supposed to be doing,is a real snob and she tells the make up wali aunty k ‘saye sey make up ni kar sakti toh ghar baitho’ and make up artist’s kaali masoom daughter,over hears this and cries and whines to her Mother saying that she (the mother) makes all the other girls looks beautiful while she ( the kaali girl) is so ugly! And ta-da! The Mom pulls out a FairnLovely ki tube and the girl uses it and ta-da! She’s if FAIR AND LOVELY. SO FAIR AND LOVELY that she becomes this hot super actress and wins an award and in the award ceremony there is the same snobby actress (who previously told the Mother to go get a life) but our fairnlovely girl says how her mother helped her in becoming so fair and lovely. Ummm… Okaaaay.

Another Fairness Cream Ad.The ad starts with this kaali girl,who has a very dark face,ONLY,while her arms are very fair.Hmm.Perhaps,too much time in the Sun? She has lots of pimples on her face and she goes for bowling. There are a couple of guys there too who completely ignore her and the girl faces a terrible shock to her self esteem. ‘Ab taq thi yey khali kyukay skin thi iski kaali,creamay lagati thi jaali,ab apni manzil hey isnay paali’ and the manzil here is the ‘Skin White Cream’. She uses it and SUDDENLY she becomes reaaalllyyy fair. And she goes to this Shadi ka function and as soon as she enters, all the men in the hall stop and stare at her. I’m sure she must be feeling really nice with all the men looking at her. Riiiighhhhttt. But wait!That’s not it! The funniest part is that the minute she enters in the Shadi Hall,she starts to dance. Okay. So this Skin W Cream can make you put Michael Jackson to shame as well, with all your killers dance moves and all. And on her way out, she see’s another girl who is very dark and she hands her ‘secret’ ( hahah) to her.

Another Ad. WaterMelo( or something close) Ice cream. Omg has anyone seen it ? Okay,so there is this weird looking guy with a huge watermelon infront of him and then he pulls some weird jackie chan stunt and spilts the watermelon in half. Somehow that watermelon turns into an ice cream( ihavenoooideahowthathappened) and he eats the ice cream as if it’s the best thing on earth.Right.

Okay.Another Ad. QuickCool Powder. The majorly annoying character of the entire add is the little kid who sits on his bicycle and from every other corner in the house, he emerges saying ‘QuickCool QuickCool’. This add stars this big family. A Grandma who is kinitting something and out comes the GrandPa asking ‘ Aray Bhai,kisi ney merey chashmay daikay hein?’ For some reason, the Grandma gets offended and she says in a haughty tone ‘ Humay kia pata!’ and the little kid comes on his bicycle chanting ‘ quickcool quickcool’. Then in the other corner of the house we have a brother and a sister who are fighting over something and then again comes the little kid on his bicycle chanting ‘Quickcool quickcool’. Then in the Kitchen we have the Mother of the little kid who is cooking food and all this work makes her really exhausted and then comes the Father, tired from a long day at work,he says something which I don’t remember and the Wife replies ( I don’t remember that either) something not very affectionate which pisses off the Husband more and AGAIN THE KIDS COMES ON HIS BICYCYCLE CHANTING QUICKCOOL QUICKCOOL! OMG KID!SHUTUPPP ALREADY!

SO,the next time when you have a fight with your friend, or you get a bad grade or the teachers yells at you just cuz she herself is having a bad day. Remember. Two Words. Only. QUICK COOL. QUICK COOL.


Anonymous said...

And i think the name of the cigarette was Marblo I'm not sure but maybe.Seriously climbing up mount Everest and thats what they decide to do! Why does one have to climb up THAT high and have a cigarette!

And haan do you remember the guys fairness cream??! Omg! this girl goes up to him and decides to get engaged to him "uski gori shakal" daikh ker!GOD!GET A LIFE PEOPLEE!!

If mama wakes up and starts shouting at me for not studying abi I'll use ur advise :P BUT I'm not what she'd have to say to me after that so I better not think about it!

-Yumna S Hayat said...
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-Yumna S Hayat said...

lol haaaan it was Marlbro or whatever its spelling is!hahahaahh and about you saying 'QuickCool' to your Mother,when she scolds you...I don't think that'd be a really good idea,since she just told you,you should get a MENTAL TEST done :p

Anonymous said...

i liked the Quickcool quickcool

sab se fit ad tou gypsy amazing cream ka hai...

gypsy lagao thorii
ho jao gori gori


Mehsen said...

You're hilarious!

The cigg brand was Marlboro.

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Thankyou :)

Zoya said...

very very true !!!

-Yumna S Hayat said...