Thursday, June 2, 2011

Take Sixty Five- And Stalking is My Game.

Stalker- A Poem.

I’m a Stalker and stalking is my game,
Limited profiles make me go insane,
Stalking, stalking, stalking all day long,
Family, Friends, Random People-anyone you name,
I will stalk them without no shame,
Because I’m a Stalker and Stalking is my game.

Admit it. We’ve all done it. Stalking just for fun, sometimes because we are bored or simply we are just curious or because we are BORN THIS WAY BABY Stalking is basically done secretly, that’s what makes it creepy. That is why facebook never comes up with the ‘see who viewed your profile button’ because they respect the stalking policy . Sorry to break it to you, but ‘check who views your profile!Ican’t believe my ex- still views my profile!’ type posts don’t work.

There can never be enough reasons as to why people stalk on others---or even you!yes you! I’ve made a list of the different sorts of stalkers, I can come up with. Feel free to add more types in the comment section.

-Type A : The Specific Stalker- Tasveer Wala : Yes. He/She is only interested in your pictures. Your Albums, other photos you are tagged in,even video’s. You upload an album of 114 pictures, he will like every single one of them and then like the whole album, too- IF HE IS A BOLD AND FEARLESS STALKER (lol) If your stalker doesn’t want you to know, that he’s been stalking you (that’s most stalkers) then he will quietly go after doing his stalking- and maybe come back tomorrow—or after an hour.You think, no one would look at your 4 years old album, the one you’ve even forgotten about? Think again.

-Type B: The Specific Stalker- Dost Yaar Wala : Not much interested in you, but your friends? Yes! Esp the ‘cute’ friends with ‘really cute profile pictures’ . They get angry when they see the ‘Add me as a friend ‘ tab has been disabled. They will poke you instead and wait till they get poked back. Or not. Such stalkers don’t have much time to waste, if you aren’t courteous enough to poke-back, fine. Be that way. There are other cute friends too. Hater.

-Type C : The Profile Stalker: Very much interested in whatever you post on your profile. From Video’s to ‘what kind of animal are you’ type weird Quiz Results, to Status’s,to what other friends have written on your wall. ANYTHING you share on your profile, will be viewed by them. Even if it’s a dumb article about how a cat lost its voice. No, there was no such article,EVER. I’ve just made it up to elaborate me point.

Type D : The FrandShap Stalker- M^urD3R eY3s @L!, spends his days and nights thinking how ‘beauty’ ‘@nG3L 3YeX s@mI3’ is, totally unaware of the fact that she has put Megan Fox’s picture on her display. For all I know, @nG3L 3YeXs@mI3 can be a guy.

Type E : The Friend who has your password – Sharing passwords among friends definitely makes stalking easy. They stalk your inbox messages, even check the ‘sent ones’ they go in your friends profiles and then later quiz you about them. The stalking possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA xD epic!!! 'I'm a stalker and stalking is my game'
y0U (v)r!tT!l\lG is @maZ!(\)G


-Yumna S Hayat said...

M@ Fr!3Ndx Th@nKxxx

KWP said...

hahahahahah so true.