Monday, November 8, 2010

-Take fifty Five-Oh,you confused huh?

Everytime I see/hear people saying ‘ I miss you ,bitch’ OR ‘ Please pick up the phone,bitch’ OR ‘ Omg you are such a bitch,I love you’,it makes me wonder if people have some serious love for female dogs…-Wait. What is that supposed to mean? You are saying something nice and tryna be mean as well? I never got it,even after all those years,why people say ‘I love you, bitch’ and others take it very nicely too? For as long as I can remember wasn’t Bitch supposed to be a bad word? What so good about being a Female Dog,anyway?

Whats up with THAT?

You want to say something nice, be polite. Sure, you can use all the bad words you want, but please use them in their proper context. Like, if someone says ‘Bitch,I hate you’- That makes sense. Good enough.

But saying stuff like ‘Omg,you look so good bitch’ is a NO NO . BE POLITE AND PONDER ON THESE FAMOUS WORDS BY MR.AKON,when he says :’ Im tryna find the words to describe this girl, without being disrespectful’- even though he ( Akon) didn’t do a very good job at this himself(though the song rocked!!) but still, here this is me wishing you some much needed Common sense for where and when to use which word.Good luck!

Oh,you fancy huh?!


Anonymous said...

i love this post bitch...=D

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk :p

Anonymous said...

Thats one bitch of a post :p