Saturday, November 13, 2010

-Take fifty six-I’m soo Lonely…Baaah, I’m a lonely Bakraa. Bahhh

Today,I was just looking at these bakras and gaye’s, tied up in this hugeeee garden type ground, which directly faces our Balcony and I noticed,infact I’ve noticed this every year that out of all these bakra’s there is always that one Bakra which looks spaced out. You know? Completely lost? Even his baah baah-s are so un-enthusiastic and the others bakra’s do not seem to pay any attention to Mr.Lonely. This bakra looks almost sad. Not that, he cries ( or maybe, he does and maybe um it’s kind of a night thing,like u know,when the moon comes out he cries?Or maybe I need to get a life) but somehow that Bakra looks JUST PLAIN SAD.

Haye beychara Bakra.

But with Cows, its not the same. All the cows seem to be happy, chewing ghaas and stuff (yeah) and mooooing in their really obnoxious voice and flapping their tails at flies who dare to sit on them. I wonder what’s their secret of happiness. And what’s the reason for the lonely Bakra to be sad… the way he says bahhh it’s almost as if he’s saying “ bachao.”

Tell me ,if you’ve noticed these lonely bakra’s as well so that I can feel better about myself that I’m not the only person and it’s not some weird paranoid thing.


zeeshan said...

This blog holds a deliberate sarcasm and irony or may be my emotions are over decayed.

-Yumna S Hayat said...

Jee naye.Such mey,tum daikhna,HOTAY HEIN LONELY BAKRAYYYYYYYYYYYY!Maybe,they miss their friends back at Bakraville.