Thursday, November 4, 2010

-Take Fifty three-Say Cheeeeese!

I love taking pictures too.
But I don’t understand why people have to take so many shots,showcasing EVERY action they did during their outing or whatever. For example,if someone goes to a fast food joint,they would take pictures like this:
-Okay,this is us Party people *snap*

-Okay ,this is us,sitting on the table *snap*

-Okay,now this is us standing*snap*
-Okay,this is us sitting again (oh brother!) *snap*

-Okay,now we’re ordering food.*snap*
-Okay,now someone is laughing.*snap*

-Okay,now the waiter comes. *snap*
-Waiter approaching their table *snap*

-Waiter arrives.*snap* finally.
-Waiter taking order.Blurry picture cuz the waiter is moving so much *snap*

-Now waiter retreating to the the kitchen *snap*
-Now several other poses of the people who are on their outing itself *snap*snap*snap*

-Waiter bringing the food *snap*
-Putting the food on table * snap*

-Party people examining the food *snap*
-Party people holding a fork or a spoon or a knife *snap*

-Party people taking their own pictures,before eating food *snap*
-Party people,still taking more pictures of themselves * snap*

-The food just gets cold,sitting there…let’s take a snap of the food 2 so that it feels better *snap*snap*snap*

-Party people cutting their food *snap* (finally,looks as if they are finally going to eat it )
-Party people,putting the piece of food in their mouth*snap*

-Party people,like the food.Yum expression or thumbs up *snap*
-Party people hate the food,disgusted expression *snap* (optional)

-Party people chewing the food *snap*
-Party people swallowing the food *snap*

-Party people with their drinks *snap*

-Party people keeping the drink back on the table *snap*

-Party people…. *yawn*…

So, I hope, you get the picture (lol) of what I’m tryna say. Its cool, if you wanna take pictures, but does it have to tell everything what and how you did? While you were at it,why didn’t you take a picture and tell us how and when you blinked ur eyes or take a breath? Good God!

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Anonymous said...

yo yumnayy..raza here!
guuud blog! i actuall knw ppl who go *snap snap snap* all the time!!